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Our goal is to help you resolve your issues to the best of our ability and in your best interests.

In today’s climate, it is critical to have legal counsel with the ability to navigate legal requirements and regulations, and to devise creative solutions that provide the greatest advantage and benefit. We provide the highest-quality legal service, appropriately scoped to your needs, at reasonable rates.

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A Professional, Personalized Legal Experience

Ascension Law was founded by Brandy B. Milazzo, formerly with large, AM200 law firms. Recognizing the challenges faced by her clients, she created a law firm that would provide high-quality legal services while offering the excellent client service, flexibility and efficiency that a small firm is uniquely positioned to provide.

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We are a team of trusted experts who value people.

We believe in representing each of our clients with honesty and integrity with a broad base of legal expertise. Our firm is big enough to handle the larger and more complex matters but small enough to maintain excellence on all levels throughout the duration of our representation. We do all of this with the ultimate business and personal client goals in mind. We are not lawyering just to lawyer or to be right.

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